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Understanding Digital Marketing and essaying its features- DBISPL

In the modern time, the way work is executed is very much different than the traditional concepts. The digitization of everything is why people need to change their mindsets. No wonder all the type of marketing of products and services is carried out through numerous things like – mobile phones, display advertising and other types of digital modes. It is because there is large number of market reach amongst the masses. It is much effective and guaranteed way to derive results.

In the traditional style of marketing, owner of the product or service used to follow steps like –
Digital Marketing meant that a brand new style of marketing meant adoption of steps like –

There is no point in just debating which style of marketing will turn out to be effective and profitable. Since, the world is moving ahead and everyone is embracing the path of digital world. This is the reason why more and more people are deriving benefits from it and there is nothing wrong in banking on this segment. The series of example like – Online Banking, E-Ticketing, Online Education, purchasing through digital money etc. All the experts do advise that faster people clasp the arm of Digital Marketing automatically benefits will flow and you and your business will take a giant leap.

Organic Marketing- When a client is reaching the source through a particular browser then benefit will be achieved. Marketers don’t favor any other form of client flow. As through that client is not diverted towards the website and ranking of the website takes a hit.

There are sub parts of Online Marketing:

SearchEngine Optimization (SEO) - It is the process through which traffic is generated from areas like – organic, editorial or natural process of searching through search results.

Social Media - In this method the professional tries to collect the information which it has derived from other channels like: Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia, Linkedin, Reddit, Pinterest etc.

Inbound Marketing- Well when the professional tries to pull out the potential clients towards their products and services through different areas such as – Content, Social Media, and Search Engine Optimization.

Email Marketing- This is considered the ideal way of bombarding the potential or current client of either the product or service. It is subtracting the expenses which were earlier on incurred by the concerned person. Through this lot of unnecessary money is saved and the fund allocated does not get exhausted.

 How does SEO works?

The main or primary role of SEO is to make sure that the positioning of your website is highlighted top Five positions, whenever someone looks for it on Google. There are mainly three stages in it:

·         Crawling- In it the professional makes sure that relevant content is discovered or highlighted.
      Indexing- This stage involves that relevant content should be categorized in the matching section. So, that no one has to scratch their brains for acquiring relevant information and things go on smoothly.
      Retrieval- Well this aspect means that on typing of the relevant set of keywords, client or user is able to get the exact content which he or she was looking over the internet.

PPC Marketing

   Apart from the other sources or channels while carrying out the marketing pattern, there is one more effective stream known as Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC). Over her the advertiser makes the payment to the relevant person each time anyone around the globe clicks on the advertisement. Through this all the potential clients are pulled towards the client’s product or services. In the traditional sense it is like purchasing of billboard.

This mode of advertising for the concerned procedure or chain of the marketing works in an effective and simple manner. Owner of the product or service pays to the number of networks of websites or the person on whose website advertisement is being displayed.
It is just like paying to a magazine or newspaper when any of the advertisement is published.  

SMO Marketing

The main aim is to make sure that a quantifiable type of traffic is generated related to the product or service. This flow can be carried out in ways listed below-


      Reputation- In this information seeker or client gets the assurance that this is the most reliable and pristine source of the product or service.

·         Engagement- Well the client is praised for showing interest, sharing and then reciprocating the concerned search.

·         Authority- The website which delivers the information about product or service should also showcase great sense of authority over the product or service.

·         Leadership- Apart from the other stages, it involves displaying of supervision that we are the best for product or service.

·         Media- To make sure that maximum influence is generated, the source should know about all the social media platforms. 

Every professional who is expert and skilled in the specified field of area, uses all his skill to drive relevant traffic from the numerous Social Media Sites through:- 
  •      Bookmarking sites
  • ·        Social Networks   

These are the reasons why even the work of SEO segment has increased tremendously. However, the companies are investing in large number for this component of Digital Marketing to flourish and derive positive results.

Inbound marketing

 The simple and effective technique of drawing the attention of numerous potential clients towards the product or service is the role of Inbound Marketing.

There are several ways through which it can happen-
  •         Content Marketing.
  •         Social Media Marketing.
  •          Search Engine Optimization.

How does Inbound Marketing work?

Well there are several stages or steps which are supposed to be followed and they are listed below:
·         First learn about inbound process completely.
·         Preparing of Inbound Team.
·         Analyses the current marketing
·         Defining of Marketing Goals.
·         Clear narration of the buyer’s persona and overall journey.
·         Building of the marketing Game Plan.
·         It is after this Launchpad for your website should be created.
·         Publishing of content
·         Promotion of your content.
·         Evaluation of progress, report and their test.
All these factors when channelized in a proper way create a perfect path for lifting the position of not just the product but service as well.

Email Marketing

The art of imparting the information about the product or service to the other party is the ultimate aim of person or company. Initially there was a long and strenuous methods were used, but with passage of time everything changed.

Now the relevant information is distributed –
·         Continuously bombarding of emails to the potential client or user.
·         Informing him about the lucrative deals which are the on the table.
This way not jus money factor is kept into consideration but also a very concrete steps in terms of prospective clients are also engaged.

How does Email Marketing work?

Since long time it is seen that lot of result oriented results are achieved to make sure profit is achieved. With the passage of time there have been distinctive features which completely changed the overall perspective.

The USP of adopting this form of marketing are –
·         Long list of potential clients can be easily addressed.
·         Every time a detailed form of explanation about the product or service can be delivered to the concerned person.
·         There is no boundation related to the geographical area or time.
·         A flurry of emails can be sent because with this only clarity is formed.
·         Even if the client is requesting for a further clarification, then it also can be taken care off in a pristine manner.

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