Thursday, 16 November 2017

How Artificial Intelligence is Bringing Change in Digital World?

With the advancement of computers and machines, we can see that they can perform various tasks at a great speed. Humans have developed computers that can perform the task in various domains. The computer science named it as Artificial Intelligence as computer and machines are as smart as humans and now even they have the capability of making decisions.

Artificial intelligence has an increasing importance in the interconnected digital world. With AI you can generate data at a great pace like never before. Now you can generate an abundance of data by machines, social media and others with advanced algorithm.

The first step of digital technology was internet which gives individual access to variety of new and exciting solutions. And the second thing that revolutionized the digital platform is a mobile internet. With mobile phones and table, you can have the whole world in your hand.

After this comes the AI and robotics, this refers to machines that can combine text and image data from the internet with the data of myriad of sensor to assist with decision making and knowledge. With AI you can even address the real world issues. AI lets the business user have an access to powerful insight that they were not having previously. One of the big example of AI is in Japan where AI application brings the solution to everything. People can walk into the store, they are recognized by their face and their payments are made with their face recognition.

We can even see big companies like Facebook, Google, IBM, eBay and many others have started acquiring startups those who were adapted to artificial intelligence. You can create advanced mobile apps, software and online websites which work on artificial intelligence, they can be of great benefit for any user in present as well as in future.

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